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Accessory for Video Server

Accessory for Video Server
Brand: Geovision Model: 72-GPUSB-000
Features:Manufacturer Part Number:72-GPUSB-000Sales Part Number:393-GPSUSB-000USB GPS Receiver for all UVS system..
Brand: Geovision Model: 72-KBAMS-001
Features:Manufacturer Part Number:72-KB&MS-001Sales Part Number:393-KEYMS-000Logitech Keyboard & Mouse Combo..
Brand: Geovision Model: 72-RRL20-001
Features:Manufacturer Part Number:72-SSDSA-120Sales Part Number:393-SSDSA-000Rackmount Rail for 20 Bays System/2U 8 Bays Extra Long System Model..
Brand: Geovision Model: 72-VGA02-201
Features:Manufacturer Part Number:72-RRL20-001Sales Part Number:393-RRL20-000VGA 2 Ports Card..
Brand: Geovision Model: 89-GVPAD00-W10U
Model Number: GV-Pad Manufacturer SKU Number: 89-GVPAD00-W10U Sales Part Number: 140-GVPAD-W00 Manufacturer Part Number: 89-GVPAD00-W10U Model Nubmer: GV-Pad Decode video streams in H.264 codec at a maximum frame rate of the IP device Decode up to 5 megapixel IP cameras De..
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