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Large-scale Remote Management

Large-scale Remote Management
Brand: Geovision Model: 55-CTRL001-0000
Model Number: GV-Control Center +GV-Video Wall Manufacturer SKU Number: 55-CTRL001-0000 Sales Part Number: 230-CTRVW-001 Control Center + Video Wall Server 1 port..
Brand: Geovision Model: 55-CTRLC-000
Model Number: GV-Control Center Manufacturer SKU Number: 55-CTRLC-000 Sales Part Number: 230-CTRLC-000 The GV-Control Center software is an integrated security management system that provides a handy tool to maintain central monitoring station operation. GV-Control Center introduces a compr..
Brand: Geovision Model: 55-CV201-000
Model Number: GV-Center V2 Professional Manufacturer SKU Number: 55-CV201-000 Sales Part Number: 230-CV201-000 The GV-Center V2 Pro is a professional version of Central Monitoring Station (CMS) software that can be installed in a CMS server. It brings multiple GeoVision GV-Systems together into ..
Brand: Geovision Model: 55-CV201-V00
Model Number: GV-Center V2 Professional + Vital Sign Monitor Manufacturer SKU Number: 55-CV201-V00 Sales Part Number: 230-CV201-VSM Center V2 + VSM 55-CV201-V00 Specifications PDF..
Brand: Geovision Model: 55-FSCH0-128
Model Number: GV-Failover Server Manufacturer SKU Number: 55-FSCH0-128 Sales Part Number: 250-FSCH0-128 Feature Device Client GV-System V8.5.3 or later Dongle Up to 128 IP channel..
Brand: Geovision Model: 55-MS032-000
Model Number: GV-Mobile Server Professional Manufacturer SKU Number: 55-MS032-000 Sales Part Number: 260-MS032-000 GV-Mobile Server is an application that can encode up to 32 video channels and subsequently allows for live view access from GV-IP Decoder Box, GV-Pad, and mobile devices includin..
Brand: Geovision Model: 55-MS064-000
Features: Model Number: GV-MobileServerManufacturer SKU Number: 55-MS064-000Sales Part Number: 260-MS064-000Mobile Server Professional Version - 64 Channels Supports up to 64 channels Live view access of analog cameras (connected to GV‐DVR) Live view access of up to 4 user‐selectable matrix chann..
Brand: Geovision Model: 55-VR128-000
Model Number: GV-Video Gateway Manufacturer SKU Number: 55-VR128-000 Sales Part Number: 250-VR128-000 The GV‐Video Gateway is a video streaming server designed for large‐scale video surveillance deployments. It can receive up to 128 IP cameras from various IP video devices. Then it can simultane..
Brand: Geovision Model: 55-VSM00-000
Model Number: GV-Vital Sign Monitor Manufacturer SKU Number: 55-VSM00-000 Sales Part Number: 230-VSM00-000 VSM can send text alerts to operators in monitoring centers when any event happens on each Geovision DVR. Then, the operator can send technicians to fix the DVR immediately for subscribers...
Brand: Geovision Model: 81-XTIONPR-A002
Model Number: GV-3D People Counter Manufacturer SKU Number: 81-XTIONPR-A002 Sales Part Number: 140-KINEC-CAM Kinect Xtion Pro Live 3D camera-special firmware for GeoVision 81-XTIONPR-A002 Specifications PDF..
Brand: Geovision Model: 89-PEOCRBX-B10U
Model Number: GV-3D People Counter Manufacturer SKU Number: 89-PEOCRBX-B10U Sales Part Number: 140-3DPBX-000 The GV‐3D People Counter integrates Asus Xtion Pro / Asus Xtion Pro Live to count and analyze the number of people passing by the designated detection area. You can connect the GV‐3D Peop..
Brand: Geovision Model: CTRL001
Model Number: GV-Video Wall Manufacturer SKU Number: CTRL001 Sales Part Number: N/A Video Wall Server 1 port upgrade (A control center dongle will be required for adding the video wall server )..
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