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Brand: Geovision Model: 55-CM010-000
Features:Model Number: GV-CMS Lite Manufacturer SKU Number: 55-CM010-000 Sales Part Number: 720-CMSLT-010 Network connection to PN300, SQP133 and SQP110 Remote content upload Remote schedule update Remote device reboot Remote firmware upgrade Remote scrolling ticker creation Instant display of..
Brand: Geovision Model: 55-CMSSDX5-0005
Features:Model Number: GV-CMS Server Manufacturer SKU Number: 55-CMSSDX5-0005 Sales Part Number: 720-CMSSR-005 Connection with up to 1000 PN300 / SQP133 / SQP110Web interface to remotely upload content, scrolling ticker, RSS feeds and schedule using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome or Safar..
Brand: Geovision Model: 55-GS010-000
Features: Model Number: GV-GIS 10 Lane Manufacturer SKU Number: 55-GS010-000 Sales Part Number: 250-GS010-000 GIS central management system with 10 free mobile connections 500 vehicles tracking at one time Real-time vehicle GPS coordinates Real-time vehicle video image Google Maps, Microsoft Vir..
Brand: Geovision Model: 55-RDDE0-128
Model Number: GV-Redundant Server Manufacturer SKU Number: 55-RDDE0-128 Sales Part Number: 250-RDDE0-128 Record up to 128 IP channels simultaneously Support round-the-clock recording Video playback using Remote ViewLog Support for remote configuration and m..
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