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Slim-Bezel Signage Displays

Slim-Bezel Signage Displays
Brand: Geovision Model: 55-URJ45-L01
Model Number: GV-SQP110 Manufacturer SKU Number: 55-URJ45-L01 Sales Part Number: 710-URJ45-000 You can use the USB to RJ-45 cable to connect the SQP110 series to the CMS Lite for remotely uploading media files or firmware to the SQP110 series...
Brand: Geovision Model: 89-ST11W0-11AB
Model Number: GV-SQP110T Manufacturer SKU Number: 89-ST11W0-11AB Sales Part Number: 710-SQP11-0T0 SQP110 series (Square Plastic 110 series) is a dynamic digital signage with an 11-inch monitor. It is designed to display slideshows made of images and videos. This device is built in an USB port ..
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